Assault Course

Military Style Assault Course

Balance, Speed and Agility

This is a race, a test of speed and agility, that will push you as hard as you can go. We start by showing you the challenge to be faced and then divide you into 2 groups. Now the pressure is on to climb, swing, balance and think faster than the others. Your team is relying on you!

Having been split into two groups you will race against each other with the individual members of the teams helping each other through the obstacles. This activity can also be run on an individual timed basis. 

Important Information

Min. Age

7 years

Max. Weight


Activity Duration

90 mins

Min. Group Size


Max. Group Size








£60.00* PP
* Family Discount Rate applicable for min. booking of 4 people, max. 2 adults (min. group size of 8 participants still applies)